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Winning! My Win doesn't have to look like your Win! July 8, 2022

It's already the second Friday of the month. The Primary Election, August 2, 2022 will be here before we all know. Some may wonder how do I feel about everything? I was just sitting here pondering, self reflecting about how this campaign has gone. I started campaigning early in 2021, I initially was the only female out and about at that time. I always enjoy meeting new people and networking.

I'm not a native of Missouri, I'm a native of Minneapolis, MN. I remember the day that my 3 little children packed up a moving truck and relocated to Missouri in 2008. I left my ex-husband and my children and I started life all over. I can sometimes still hear my ex-husbands voice telling me that if I left him, I would never make it without him. I would never be anything without him and never have more than him. Well, we see that did not stop me. That actually was fuel and motivation for me. I'm not one that allows others to control, bully, or boss me around.

It was not easy getting my children accumulated to Missouri, being away from all of our family. It was just the four of us. I worked very hard, I quit several jobs because I had to make sure that I was available for my children. We all worked very hard and I kept them busy, just as I stayed busy. I completed my masters degree and my doctorate degree. I have a career and when my youngest was about to graduate from high school, I was able to start focusing on myself and wanted to do more for my community. In 2019, I ran for the Platte County School Board, In 2020, I ran for US Congress and here I am now in 2022 running for US Senate.

My win doesn't have to look like anyone else's win. I have done more than many people that just sit on the sidelines and talk about and criticize people. At least I'm bold enough and brave enough to do what it is that I desire. I'm not driven off of public opinion of what others think. I'm my own boss. I always told my children that I was going to make history one day and I have.

When this election is over I plan on finishing writing my book. I have a story to tell. One chapter will be about how candidate suppression is real, but how I never gave up. I beat COVID-19 with prayers and medication in 2020, that I contracted on the campaign trail and two years later recovering again right now, but I haven't gave up.

I am very passionate about advocating for people and encouraging people to get involved within their communities and to take ownership. I am a transformational leader. I can lead while empowering others. I believe in unity, I'm a no-nonsense woman and I'm very authentic. I stay true to myself and I won't just say things to you because it's what you want to hear. That is doing you a disservice. As a leader, I know that I will often times make people upset, everyone won't like me or agree with me and that's okay, as long as I know I am doing right by people and seeing results, that is what counts.

That's why I win!

Stay safe,

Dr. Gena Ross, PhD

Public Policy and Administration/Local Government Management

Public Servant

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