• Dr. Gena L Ross

We deserve to live!! A badge is not a license to kill. 7.6.2022

We have a right to live! I am so grieved in my spirit. Especially as a mother. 60 bullets? Really, but why? Why couldn't Jayland Walker be taken into custody? Bobby Crimo murdered 6 and wounded 30. They both attempted to flee traffic stops. America, we must stop this!

A police badge is not a license to kill. This cannot keep happening over and over again. It's bad enough that people with AR-15's and AR-47's can go on a shooting spree. Officer's that feel threatened and say that they fear for their life every time they see a person that looks like me, and they proceed to unload their pistol or magazine, you are wrong on so many levels.

All officers are not bad, but if one has hate or racial issues then being on the force with a gun is probably not a good fit for them. They need to get another job, be evaluated, and it should be on their record and let it follow them so they don't stay repeat murderers to only get a slap on the wrist. We need a policy in place " My right to live" Protection from hateful officers that abuse authority by excessive use of force and murder. This genocide that continues to take place needs to end. This bigotry and hate must cease. This world is chaotic. #tragedy #myrighttolive #stopthehate

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