• Dr. Gena L Ross

Voters versus Biased Media- July 25, 2022

The media has their picks but so does the voters. Caption this: When counting us out fails. Missouri, let’s show them better than we can tell them.☺️ It’s not over until it’s over. I’m not swayed by biases. I don’t quit and I don’t backdown. When I’m quiet, my eyes and ears are open. I’m woke! I believe in miracles and that nothing is impossible. I believe in unlimited possibilities. I believe in change. I’m in this race to be the change I want to see. Not for power, control, fortune or fame. We need change! Vote politically mature, vote your conscience. No one is in the poll with you but you. Be a part of history making change. Vote Gena! #pavingthewayforchange #leadershipmatters #NSLS

#optimistic #winning #votermatter 7.25.2022

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