• Dr. Gena L Ross

Venting out loud! I’m so over all of the biases and bigotry going on. July 15, 2022

When you don’t fit in where people can control you they try to isolate you or count you out. I have a heart for people, not for power, titles or positions. America really needs change. Missouri, needs change.

I can only be myself. I am unbought, unbossed, and unbiased. I don’t play games or lie and tell people what they want to hear to appease them or to get a vote. I dare to be different, authentic, and stay true. #nonensense #unbossed

Hurry up August 2, 2022.

I don’t like fakeness🙄🎤 #Moleg #rossforussenate #sooveritall #ididmybest😁 ##fyp #foryou #missouri

The only way I would fail is by not trying. Thank you to everyone that has supported me this far. I really appreciate you.🤗

Dr. Gena Ross

Public Servant

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