• Dr. Gena L Ross

Thank you to everyone that voted for me. My win doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s win. I won🏆

The day after the Primary Election. What can I say! I’m a winner and so are each of you. I thank you so much for your vote, every kind word, every criticism, and every question asked of me. I didn’t do too bad as a native of Minnesota in the “ Show Me State”. In the final results, I placed fifth out of eleventh.

I’d like to thank my team. We were small in number but strong. Special thanks to Ann and Nathan. Special thanks to Bishop Frank Douglas from Kansas City, Missouri who invited me to be a part of a candidate meeting to have words. I wouldn’t have been invited without your leadership.

Some people will count you out before they even know who you are because their true agenda is not representing all people. It’s about that mighty dollar and what’s in it for them. That’s some stinking thinking. Nevertheless, I stayed in the race, finished my course, and kept the faith.

God bless you all!

Dr. Gena Ross, PhD

Public Policy and Administration

Not too bad out of eleven people and a Minnesota native.
Gena Ross 8,520 votes.

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