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Refocus and move forward. - June 25, 2022

Updated: Jun 27

Hello everyone!

I'm feeling much better today. Day 4 off of Paxlovid.

Listen, everyone has a right to their own beliefs, feelings, etc. However, elected officials should not impose their personal beliefs on anyone as a form of power, control, or simply being biased. I encourage everyone to become politically mature and vote your conscience because your future depends on it. Voting in your local elections is vital.

Instead of the government working so quickly to make decisions about human rights. As a human right, lets ensure that all Americans have access to quality healthcare, proper health care, for expecting mothers, ensure they have proper prenatal and postnatal care, and help mothers and babies with resources that have no choices. Help adoption be more accessible and affordable, clean up the foster care system and help put families back together. In addition, some men may need reminders that there is birth control for them. It takes sperm to fertilize an egg (It does take two).

It would be feasible for the government to use the same energy to advocate for a Cost of Living Adjustment for Missourians since gas and food is so expensive. Help small business owners, help people become entrepreneurs and let's build on our economic development. Representation is needed in the inner city, rural, and suburban.

All students deserve quality, equal and equitable education with clean buildings, clean air and the best technology. No one in Missouri should be hungry or homeless. Better assistance is needed to help the veterans that have served this country. Infrastructure is needed and hate and corruption should not be in office. We need restoration and reconciliation. We need people in office with character, integrity, accountability, who are trustworthy, and not afraid to blow the whistle when needed. We need to help one another and respect one another even if we don't agree on everything. We must focus on having a better future.

How about ending all filibusters and put priorities in order. Let's get some sustainability for communities. I may not be your voting choice and that's cool. I'm not bought out by anyone, nor bossed, and I'm not biased. I can think fairly on how to make sure everybody receives the representation that we need but we must come together. Excuse me if I have any typos or grammatical errors. At least I am communicating with you.


Dr. Gena Ross, PhD

Public Policy and Administration/Local Government Management for Sustainable communities

Public Servant

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