"I believe in Democracy, People First. If We the People are First Priority in America, everything else would fall in to place.  If Reconciliation, reformation, collaboration and cooperation would take place, so many tax paying Americans wouldn't be so disgruntled with politics.  Politicians would represent ALL people regardless of party, zip code or any other affiliation."



The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.

I believe in an America where all of God's children are valued equally.  Democracy should be accessible to everybody. I support Individual Freedom.  I am a firm believer that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.  If we are going to say it, let's mean it "Liberty and justice for all."

I will fight for policies that protect the humanity, the economic dignity and the well-being of all people.  I will stand against policies that seek to be barriers against democracy and to exclude the most vulnerable Americans economically, educationally and politically.


I support every person having the right to quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare.  I support Medicare for All.(S.1129). Those that have their private insurance can continue with what they have if they so choose.  I support expanding and providing comprehensive care in Missouri's rural areas. I am an advocate for Medicaid Expansion. We made some progress but we need to keep striving for continuous improvement until we see the results we want to see in regards to "We the People"  I support lowering prescription drugs by perhaps developing competition. No monopoly on pharmacists, force them to compete to help us keep our healthcare stabilized and affordable.  I support S. 97 –Medicare Dental Benefit Act of 2021, S.1873 Medicare Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Act of 2021, S. 826 Medicare Patient Empowerment Act of 2021 , S.2048 Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2021- 117th, S.833 Empowering Medicare Seniors to Negotiate Drug Prices Act of 2021.


The pandemic has highlighted the economic divide in Missouri and across America.  Let's analyze taxes and spending and make sure funds are allocated appropriately.  Hardworking Missourians have been impacted and we must as a whole ensure that all are represented.  As a single parent, I lived through trying to make ends meet to ensure that my family was fed and cared for. I will work tirelessly to make sure that families in Missouri have access to jobs in rural Missouri and every corner of Missouri and to ensure that families have access to affordable childcare and PreK as Parents go back to work. This pandemic has also reinforced our belief that all workers deserve paid sick leave.  All families deserve a living wage.  The pandemic has also made families more vulnerable to predatory lenders.  I support and will fight to ensure that the Veterans and Consumers Fair Credit Act is passed.

I also support fighting for affordable housing and programs that will help homeless veterans.  In addition, working to make sure all have access to the internet. I support Country of Origin labeling and support to our row crop producers.  I support a national adaption policy that includes investment in infrastructure, flood mitigation efforts and sustainable farming and communication and collaboration with the entire communities. I support initiatives to promote and assist with Education Initiatives, Economic Development, Crime Prevention, Family, and Financial Literacy.


I support Universal Pre-K.  I will toward  ALL students receiving an equal quality education and funding for public schools. I believe in free and affordable Two Year College or Technical School tuition to ensure that young people are not saddled with debt. As a parent, I watched my children struggle with debt that they incurred trying to get an education; young people deserve better.


Let's reason together and define Election Integrity!  It's time out for all of this unprofessional bigotry bickering back and forth over who gets to vote.  Let's move forward (All Parties, Bipartisan).  Stop the Block and allow people to vote.  Let's work it out.  This is a distraction.  To ensure that the right to vote is no longer at risk. I'd like to see a task force to fight against discrimination in voting. A permanent policy that would lock down this issue so we wouldn't have to revisit it ever again. I support S.1 – For the People Act of 2021and S. 481 Democracy Restoration Act of 2021.


A growing number of children die daily across Missouri and America because of Gun violence.  Our children deserve reform now!  I support background checks on All Gun Sales and Waiting Periods. We must disrupt the pipeline that over criminalizes and disproportionally disrupts the lives of young black people.  I support Fund Peace the Biden's Administration, historic initiative to fund gun violence interruption activities across America.

I support funding programs that will help with mental health, substance abuse and programs that help rehabilitate individuals. 


I support Education Awareness in regards to climate change and its importance to public health in urban, corn harvests and rural areas.  I also support tax and financial incentives for Renewable Energy.  We should use all of our resources.  We need clean air.

Let's continue to move forward so we can see results that benefits ALL people.  Let's strive for continuous improvement. Healthcare is a Human Right. https://mydss.mo.gov/healthcare/apply

We're better together!

Check to register if your voter registration is up to date. 


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