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Making a Difference


Paving the Way for Change (Dr. Gena Ross for US Senate).

I’m running for US Senate for the state of Missouri. I’m good trouble because people are my first priority.

I will represent all people and stay true to them as I stay true to myself. I’m authentic, Unbought, unbiased, and unbossed.
Paving the way for change

I ran for Congress in 2020 while sick and recovering from Covid -19.  On August 4 I won the Primary. I saw my opponents as team members because it will take us all to work together
Building a better tomorrow beginning today. We’re better together

My platform is healthcare . Jobs and the economy. Reconciliation and reformation everywhere it’s needed. Infrastructure, climate change , Education, Social justice, representing all people. That is my focus and my goal.

I’m not a career politician I’m an everyday person like you. I’m Dr. Gena Ross and it would be my pleasure to represent you.

Paving the way for change
It’s time to make that change

No more business as usual
It’s time to make the change
No more insurrection or government out of control. Let’s act like reasonable citizens. 

Paving the way for change

I stand by the constitution Let’s put a stop to police brutality. Let’s respect one another and get these guns off the streets.
Let’s work together and be the change that we want you want to see
Oh yes

Paving the way for change
Vote for me in 2022
Let’s be the change
Your vote it really matters
Yes it does, yes it does
Let’s be the change
Dr. Gena Paving the way for change

You can contribute to my campaign by going to my website rossforussenate.com or to my other social media platforms FB, IG or Twitter. Rossforussenate

God bless you, me and all of America.


Environmental Worker

Economic Recovery


Doctor's Clinic

Voting Rights
Social Justice

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Health Care is a right!