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Paving the way for change!

I stand for truth, justice, and economic empowerment. Let's move forward and build bridges and close gaps together for all American families. Will you lend your support and contribution to the cause as I am vying to be the next US Senator for Missouri and beyond. 

Thank you in advance.


July 17, 2021

Good Trouble Vigil-Kansas City
Demand the passage of the "For the People Act". HR1 and S1. This bill would provide for:
*Automatic voter registration
*Restore the voting rights act and so much more.

I may not be popular and in the headlines, nevertheless, I have a conscious, I'm unbossed, unbought, and unbiased.  It would be my pleasure to represent you.

Dr. Gena L. Ross


I may have a grassroots campaign but I certainly am authentic. I dare to be me. I’m unbought, unbossed, and unbiased.  No tricks up my sleeves, no hidden agendas, no promises that I cannot keep, no talking just to be talking. My desire is to represent all people. It’s time for a change. Policy making for we the people. #leadership #respect #change #inspiration #culture #success #hopeandhealing #purpose 
#rossforussenate #pavingthewayforchange
#democracy #restoration #reconciliation #cooperation #collaboration #unity #peace #accountability #trustworthiness #integrity #charactercounts 
Be the change you want to see.

If Missouri is the SHOW ME STATE, let's show Missourians that we care about their health and safety in all aspects.  Millions of dollars need to be added to Missouri's infrastructure list and propose that clean up/remediation/compensation be made in Cold Water Creek.  Let's save lives in Missouri, not look the other way. #coldwatercreek #cancersucks #cleanupMissouri 

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June 30, 2021

"Paving the way for change."

#change #healthcare #democracy #climatechange

#peace #restoration #reconciliation #cooperation


Investing in healthcare should be a priority, not an option.

Childcare should be affordable so many single mother's can go back to school or enter the workforce.  Give them an opportunity, don't bind them.


Let's put an end to police violence, voter suppression, gun violence. Let's refocus on what matters most, representing all people, sustainable communities, rebuilding the economy, affordable housing, education, agriculture, infrastructure  Helping people thrive instead of surviving, barely surviving, or totally impoverished.  We're better together!   


Building a Better Tomorrow beginning today!


Please support my grassroots campaign.

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